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Todd Patrick Fortier

Nancy Fortier
December 14, 2000

God took his special blessings & mixed them with his love.
He said to two young parents, I'm sending someone special from above.
He didn't send instructions nor say how long you'd stay,
But when we saw you, oh my goodness, what a special day!
Your eyes held sparkly twinkles and your head was filled with curls,
You slept all night and played all day and really loved the world!

And as you grew we loved you more, were delighted by your wit,
You grew up so fast to a fine young man & could cook with such a fit!
And then you turned to helping, anyone in any given day
But I think you gave so much love away that you really couldn't stay.
So now God has you back again and we know that you are safe
But what we wouldn't give again to see your smiling face.

I know God will take care of you and hold you in his arms
Because, after all, he made you with all your special charms.
So Goodbye Son, we'll miss you, and think of you each day
And know how lucky we both were to have had to for that short stay.

We'll love you forever.
Merry Christmas,
Mom & Dad

Written by:
Nancy Fortier
Mother of
Todd Patrick Fortier
09/22/76 09/18/00